Rural Internet

  • Home Connections starting at $79/month
  • Add a Shed Connection from $29/month
  • Installation from $99 on a 12 Month contract
  • Free router on a 12-month contract
  • Add a phone from $13/month
  • Bundle your internet plan, phone, mobile & save
  • Get local support, just a phone call away

Internet for your Home & Shed

Get unlimited internet data for your home and shed. With a home connection with Unifone, you can add a WiFi shed connection at a fraction of the cost each month. Shed connections must be on the same property or farm as the primary connection. It doesn’t need to be a dairy shed, it could be a man shed, she shed, workshop or any kind of shed. We know kiwis love their sheds.

  • Get big savings with Farm 4 Plus
  • Applies to all broadband services 3G/4G, WiFi, DSL or UFB
  • Customised internet solutions to meet your needs
  • Add phone plans and mobile plans to get added discounts
  • Get local support, just a phone call away

Farm 4 Plus

Farm 4+ is for those farmers or landowners with four or more broadband services. Save when you have four or more connections with Unifone. The services can be at different addresses, so long as they’re all with Unifone, under the same account name and we can send the bill to a single payer we’ll give a discount on the lot. This includes all our broadband services: 3G/4G, WiFi, DSL or UFB. Having reliable, high-speed internet or adding a phone plan to your workers' packages can help retain staff as well as attract quality staff. Add landlines or mobile phone plans and you’ll receive further discounts.

Stuff you should know

Unifone services may not operate if mains power is disconnected or fails at the connected address. Get in touch or check our website for more details.

Plan speeds refer to peak download/upload speeds. All Unifone Fibre, WiFi, UFB WiFi and DSL Plans come free of data caps. 3G/4G connections have data limits and charges apply for data overage. Installation charges are due within seven days of set up. All prices include GST and are listed in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Standard connection fees will be charged for each connection (Home or Shed) where applicable. Refer to Unifone’s terms and conditions.

Shed connections must be on the same property or farm as the primary connection.

Farm 4+ connections are a great way of saving money on multiple services with Unifone. Although the connections can be on multiple properties, we do require you to set them up under a single bill payer and account name. We don't apply discounts where plans or services are paid by you but the account is in someone else's name.