Rural Internet

Want better internet at your place? Do you want internet that is fast, affordable and reliable? We’ll send our technicians out to design and build the perfect solution for your house, bach, farm and shed. Unifone are out there doing it – putting infrastructure in place to improve the network in the Lower South Island. We’re the team to talk to if you need solutions and we put lots of effort into getting the best fit for you and your farm and business.


Unifone's mobile plans are designed to be cost-effective and simple to understand. With generous data and minutes, they’re great for everyone including family and staff. The more mobile plans with Unifone, the more added discounts. Get one with your rural internet plan and save every month.

Bundle & Save

We offer farm bundles. Try the Home & Shed plan, where you can add a WiFi shed connection if you've already got a home connection at a fraction of the cost each month. If you’re running a bigger operation, say with four or more connections (workers cottages, sheds and the like), we can get you connected and sorted with Farm 4 Plus. You can add mobile phones and landlines and get added discounts. Bonus, it’s all in one easy-to-manage bill.