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Email Settings

Do you have an internet plan with Unifone? Looking to set up your email? Unifone email servers require authentication with a username and password, i.e. your full email address and email password. Preferred options are below in bold.

Looking to set up your email?

Home Fibre Starter (HFS)

Home Fibre Starter (HFS) is our new entry level UFB service priced at $59 for 50Mbps down, 10Mbps up with unlimited data.  It's identical to our $79 50/10Mbps plan but some important differences.

Unlike most of our other UFB services you will need to supply your own router, suitable for use on the UFB network or purchase one from us. If you supply your own router you will need to be able to provide all the support for it yourself. Our assistance is limited to giving you the username and passwords you need to connect and assisting you if something goes wrong within Unifone's network or the UFB network. 

We can sell you a router and it will be supplied to you ready for use. This is the best option for customers that aren't able to support their own router and connection as we will provide the same level for these our pre-configured routers as we do for any other router we supply. 

There are some conditions associated with HFS that have been placed on Unifone and you as a HFS customer by the UFB network provider. 

  • To qualify for HFS pricing, UFB services from any ISP (including Unifone) must not have been active at the property for the previous 30 days.
  • You can't move to HFS from another UFB connection type such as full price 30/10, 300/100, 950/500 or Hyperfibre without a 30 day break in service. You can upgrade to the other plans but you will not be able to move back to HFS if you do so.
  • The service is available to brand new UFB connections where you ask us to arrange the UFB network company to install UFB services to your property.
  • It's not available to businesses.

Why do I need to supply my own router or buy one from Unifone?

Can I reuse a router I already own?

I'm already paying for a 50/10 connection, why can't I move to the HFS pricing?

Can I use HFS at my crib/bach/holiday home?

Can you recommend a router for me to buy?

What happens if I supplied my own router and have problems with my HFS service?

What happens if I'm using a Unifone supplied router and have problems with my HFS service?


RBI2 targets rural end users who have access to terrestrial broadband services (fixed line or wireless) of less than 20 Mbps maximum speed in any region in New Zealand. Unifone has contracted with Crown Fibre Holdings to provide internet services to eligible end users in parts of Otago.

​How does it differ from RBI1?​

​What services will become available when the network is built?​

​Can I stay with my current provider but connect to Unifone’s network?​

​How were the coverage areas allocated and where are they?​

​How is the service delivered?​

​How is Unifone going to benefit customers needing large data caps?​

​How fast do the connections run?​

​How do I sign up to an internet plan with Unifone?​

​What are the installation costs?​

Unifone Telephone Services

All broadband and landline telephone services, including the services sold by Unifone, share the need for continuous power to operate.

Most broadband customers use mains power to operate their internet and telephone equipment. This means if the mains power fails for any reason, the broadband and telephone services will not operate.

For most people, this is an inconvenience but for some people it is a significant risk to their personal wellbeing.

If you subscribe to the landline telephone service sold by Unifone there are some things we can do to help you stay connected if there is a risk to you not being able to reach 111 during a mains outage.

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to provide an emergency service free of charge to you.

We’ve put together these Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand how your broadband and telephone services work. They explain how your phone service works, some things you need to know when things go wrong and how we can help if you need extra assistance because of health, safety, or disability issues you or a member of your household may have.

Why does my broadband and phone service need mains power?

How does the Unifone telephone service work?

What happens to my phone if the mains power fails or my internet connection is not working?

How do I call 111 if my phone has failed?

What if I really need to be able to call 111 at any time because of health/safety/disability issues?

The introduction of the 111 Contact Code.

Who is affected by the code?

I think I might be a Vulnerable Consumer, what do I do next?

What are my rights as a Vulnerable Consumer under the 111 Contact Code?

What are my obligations in this process?

I’m not a Vulnerable Consumer but someone in my household is. What can you do for me?

What sort of information do I need to provide to be considered?

What solution are you going to provide?

Is there a process to review my Vulnerable Consumer status?

What are my rights if I disagree with something Unifone proposes or has done?

What happens if I transfer to another phone and/or internet provider?

Is my information kept private?


Unifone and COVID-19

How Unifone operates at Alert Level 2:

When at Level 2, as we have in the past, we are temporarily changing the way we work.

The safety of you, your household and our team members is paramount. We will be asking you before dispatching a field technician whether you or anyone in the house have been in contact with anyone returned from a Covid-19 area or from overseas in the last two weeks. If these questions are not answered we will not send a technician to your address.

If the answer is yes then a Unifone manager will be in touch to discuss your situation before we dispatch a technician.

Our offices in Dunedin and Balclutha will be operating with a strict 2-metre distancing policy. We suggest you contact us by phone or email rather than coming in and pay your invoice online rather than use our EFTPOS machines in the offices.

Unifone UFB router setup

Most of our UFB plans come with a WiFi capable router, suitable for the speed the connection runs at. In some cases customers may need to supply their own router or change the configuration in their router. 

The setup details required for operation on a Unifone UFB connection are:

  • Authentication type: PPPOE on Vlan 10 on the WAN interface
  • Username: "your unique username"
  • Password: "Your unique password"

Our routers are usually preconfigured with WiFi details before dispatch. Call us if you want to change them and are not comfortable doing that yourself. 


Is Unifone able to help with the setup of a router supplied by the customer?

Should I buy a router from you, someone else or should I reuse one I already have?