Managed Services

Managed Services

Based in Otago, Unifone has a great local team ready to provide the service and support you need – including both rural internet and business internet solutions. We are passionate about providing affordable and reliable internet throughout Otago and Southland, basically as far as we can reach – and our range is ever increasing.

Owning our infrastructure means we are more efficient and adaptable in delivering internet to your property. We’re not a 'one size fits all company' and we think you’ll like that. We’ll work with you and your business to provide connectivity solutions including public access WiFi hotspots, customised internet, business WiFi, and managed firewall solutions. 

We can scale our solutions as your business grows. Our Cloud PBX solution called UVoice is easily scalable from one business phone to dozens and is rich with features regardless of your business’s size. Unlike other providers, Unifone are technology-neutral. We’ll work with what you prefer, or we can make recommendations.

Bespoke internet and connectivity solutions

Leveraging all our connection solutions including our Otago-wide WiFi broadband network. The skilled engineers at Unifone can work with your team to design an innovative and cost-effective solution to solve your connectivity issues. 

Business wifi solutions

We have access to market-leading Wireless LAN equipment and the knowledge and experience to design and build the coverage you need in your business.

Managed firewall solutions

Internet data security is becoming increasingly important for businesses. We can install and maintain business corporate firewall solutions. Unifone are agents for the Sophos Firewall and router range of equipment. Get in touch to lock your network down and keep it secure. Take the next step with your data security.

Public access wifi hotspots

We can set up WiFi hotspots for large and small areas. These are commonly used by accommodation and hospitality suppliers or landlords. They can be indoor or outdoor and we can set-up ticketing systems with the option of credit card gateways.

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Stuff you should know

Unifone’s managed services portfolio leverages all the capabilities of our team and our network. What sets us apart from other providers operating in Otago is our local knowledge, our presence within the region and our ability to service some very hard to reach places. Our own WiFi broadband network covers most of Otago and is easily adaptable to providing bespoke solutions. The WiFi network links back to data centres in Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland and Sydney and we have the ability to hand your data over to other providers using industry-standard interconnections. 

Because Otago is a long way from the Internet heart of New Zealand in Auckland, network resilience is one of our primary concerns, both for ourselves and our customers. Our links across New Zealand have full redundancy and our whole network, from end-user to internet peering is built and managed to the highest standards. Using a variety of technologies such as mobile data and satellite broadband services, we can offer any Unifone customer a backup to your internet connection that will keep you online 24/7/365.