About Unifone

Here at Unifone, we understand how frustrating it is to have bad internet; no matter where you live. Based in Dunedin and Balclutha in Otago, we have a great local team ready to provide the service and support you need – whether that be for rural internetresidential internet, or business internet solutions

As a school kid, Travis started setting up internet connections for his friends when he saw they were using painfully slow dial-up. By the time he went to Otago Polytechnic, he was selling reliable internet to numerous student flats and in 2008, Unifone was founded.

Glenn was a technician for one of the major NZ Telco contracting companies working extensively around Otago and Southland installing broadband equipment before starting RiverNet, which joined with Unifone in 2016. With a strong footing in Dunedin and Balclutha, Unifone provides a well-priced reliable broadband, no matter how far people live from town.

In 2017, when the government's Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2) came into the frame, Unifone was already on a strong growth track and since then, we've been rolling out internet across the South Island.

Today, Unifone is a thriving business, with over 100 wireless sites in the South Island and thousands of customers benefiting from reliable internet for their homefarm or business

Unifone owns its infrastructure, which means we can offer customers who have unreliable and slow internet a solution: fast and reliable internet. This means we are more efficient and adaptable in delivering internet, especially for businesses and rural customers. Along with internet, Unifone provides home phones and mobile plans.

Unifone supports customers large and small. We are well established in the industry, supporting critical infrastructure and key businesses throughout Otago and Southland. Being a local business means Unifone can help create bespoke solutions for our customers and with the latest in technology, Unifone helps our customers in the lower South Island connect to the world.

If you want better connectivity where you live, with local support and customised solutions, get in touch today.