DSL Internet Plans

A good value, reliable connection for people with access to broadband over phone lines
Personal DSL
Free Installation2
Free Router2
Phone from $13/month

1. DSL is subject to availability from service wholesaler. Connection speed is dependent on distance and line conditions between your location and wholesaler’s network.

2. DSL services are sold with a 12 month contract. Free router and free standard installation where suitable network infrastructure exists in supplier network and your premises and on a 12 month plan or greater. Conditions apply.

3. If the contract is terminated early a $199 fee applies.The customer can return the router supplied for the contract period to receive a 50% credit on the termination fee.The router must be in good working condition and returned with required accessories e.g., power supply. The customer is responsible for returning the router at their expense. 

4.Unifone broadband services may not work if the mains power fails at your address. If this happens you may not be able to call 111 from any landline phone connected to the Unifone service. For more information please check out these FAQs  https://unifone.net.nz/unifone-telephone-services. Get in touch if you have any further questions.

Not sure which internet plan you need? No worries!
The Unifone team can assess your requirements and match you with the right internet solution for you, just give us a call.
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