Get hyped for Hyperfibre, Dunedin City!
7th December 2021

Get hyped for Hyperfibre, Dunedin City!

Get the BIG Fibre Boost with Unifone
Get the BIG Fibre Boost with Unifone

Yes, you read that correctly: hyperfibre is finally here! 

New Zealand internet is always evolving; we aren’t just sending work emails or creating Wiki pages anymore. The pandemic has forced us to change the way we work and interact with our friends and family, and we are becoming more and more digitally reliant. 

In a world of ever-growing technology, streaming and social media platforms, gaming and long-distance family, it’s important to keep up to speed to keep in contact with those we love. For only $169, you can have blazing-fast speeds that Hyperfibre provides to make your life a little easier.

So, what is Hyperfibre? 

Hyperfibre is twice as fast as our max/500 plan at 2000Mbps/2000Mbps. 

Hyperfibre offers high speeds, low latency, and no disruption. 

Hyperfibre is ideal for every person in the family and flat: whether your kids are streaming YouTube, you’re binging your favourite Netflix series or if you just need reliable internet for the home office- Hyperfibre with Unifone has you sorted!

You don’t want to miss this hot deal- get in touch with one of our speedy team members today to discuss what we can do for you.

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