Home Phone with Internet Plans

Add a phone connection to your Unifone internet plan
$49 Provisioning Fee2
$26 Keep existing number3
$49 Provisioning Fee2
$26 Keep existing number3
$49 Provisioning Fee2
$26 Keep existing number3

1. Additional local/national landline minutes are billed at 5c/minute. Mobile calls are billed at 26c/minute. Installation charges are due within seven days of set up. All prices include GST and are listed in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

2. $49 one-off provisioning fee applies. Additional installation charges may apply (e.g. for connecting to internal house phone wiring). Handset not included.

3. You can keep your existing number by "porting" it to Unifone. A one-off $26 porting fee applies.


Unifone's Telephone service is not compatible with any medical or security alarm system that uses the phone line to signal a service provider that assistance is required. 

Unifone uses a technology called VOIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) which uses your internet connection to transmit and receive phone calls from your premises. In most cases we’ll provide you with an electronic device that plugs into your internet connection and which your phone plugs into. This is called an ATA (or Analogue Telephone Adapter). As well as connecting to your internet and phone the ATA also needs to connect to a power source, in most cases a mains socket.

VOIP is totally dependent on the internet connection remaining online. Unifone’s Telephone Service shares this requirement. The most common reason that internet connections and VOIP go offline is failure of the mains power at a customer’s house. Other causes include equipment failure, network problems or physical damage to the equipment.

In the event of a mains failure, the following devices and services will not operate unless alternative means of powering them is provided

• Your Unifone Telephone Service including any cordless phones connected to it.

• Your Unifone Internet service including your home WiFi

• Security or medical alarms that use the internet or phone line to signal your provider that you need assistance. If you are in any doubt about whether you have a mains power backup you should assume you do not until you confirm this with us.

If your Unifone Telephone service fails for any reason you can call 111 from any mobile phone with a SIM card that is in range of an operating mobile service. Your mobile service is supplied from mobile phone networks that are separate from Unifone’s phone and internet network. These networks may still have mains power to run them even if your home does not. Your mobile has to have a charged battery to be able to use your mobile service. Unifone can also supply a backup power system that will run your internet and phone connections if the mains power fails. This is an additional service we normally charge for. We can also advise you or a third party how to set this service up for yourself. Contact us for details.

Failure of the VOIP service also means the loss of the ability to call 111 from that line. The Commerce Commission has identified that for some people this is a particularly dangerous situation. They now require providers of phone service to work with existing and new customers to identify who is particularly vulnerable and if necessary, provide emergency means of calling 111 in the event of a mains failure. The group of people specifically addressed by the new 111 Contact requirements are known as “Vulnerable Consumers”. The information is contained in a Commerce Commission industry code called the “111 Contact Code” and Unifone might be able to help you find out whether you qualify as a Vulnerable Consumer. Please contact us to discuss this. 

Not sure which internet plan you need? No worries!
The Unifone team can assess your requirements and match you with the right internet solution for you, just give us a call.
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