Unifone NZ | Rural Broadband Initiative Plans
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Rural Broadband Initiative Plans


Available throughout New Zealand

Government sponsored initiative that runs over cellular network towers throughout New Zealand. Contact us for availability. Unlike most Unifone plans these do have data caps, as indicated below.

  • RBI 60GB Data

  • $89/month*
    • ON 3G/4G NETWORK
    • $199 INSTALLATION**
    • PHONE FROM $13/MONTH***

  • RBI 120GB Data

  • $99/month*
    • ON 3G/4G NETWORK
    • $199 INSTALLATION**
    • PHONE FROM $13/MONTH***

  • RBI 200GB Data

  • $159/month*
    • ON 3G/4G NETWORK
    • $199 INSTALLATION**
    • PHONE FROM $13/MONTH***

*GB refers to total amount of gigabytes of data you can use in a month. Larger data caps available on request. All prices include GST and are listed in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

**$199 installation available on a 24 month contract. 12 month term also available for $299, or a no fixed term for $399 install. SIM only install – If you have an existing installation including a modem and it’s compatible with our system we can connect you for $50. Installation charges are due within seven days of set up.

***Phone must be bundled with a RBI data plan and cannot be sold separately. Handset not included.

Not sure which plan you need? No worries!
The team can assess your requirements and match you with the right solution for you, just give us a call
0800 894 114